Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Models in information system design

Conceptual models of animal action systems

Conceptual models of animal action systems are acclimated in Soft systems alignment (SSM) which is a adjustment of systems assay anxious with the alignment of problems in management. These models are models of concepts; the authors accurately accompaniment that they are not advised to represent a accompaniment of diplomacy in the concrete world. They are additionally acclimated in Advice Requirements Assay (IRA) which is a alternative of SSM developed for advice arrangement architecture andcomputer appliance engineering.

Logico-linguistic models

Logico-linguistic clay is addition alternative of SSM that uses conceptual models. However, this adjustment combines models of concepts with models of accepted absolute apple altar and events. It is a graphical representation of modal argumentation in which modal operators are acclimated to analyze account about concepts from statements about absolute apple altar and events.

Data models

Entity-relationship model

Incomputer appliance engineering, an entity-relationship archetypal (ERM) is an abstruse and conceptual representation of data. Entity-relationship clay is a database clay method, acclimated to aftermath a blazon of conceptual action or semantic abstracts archetypal of a system, generally a relational database, and its requirements in a top-down fashion. Diagrams created by this action are alleged entity-relationship diagrams, ER

diagrams, or ERDs.

Entity-relationship models accept had advanced appliance in the architecture of advice systems advised to abutment activities involving altar and contest in the absolute world. In these cases they are models that are conceptual. However, this clay adjustment can be acclimated to body computer amateur or a ancestors timberline of the Greek Gods, in these cases it would be acclimated to archetypal concepts.

Domain model

A breadth archetypal is a blazon of conceptual archetypal acclimated to characterize the structural elements and their conceptual constraints aural a breadth of absorption (sometimes alleged the botheration domain). A breadth archetypal includes the assorted entities, their attributes and relationships, additional the constraints administering the conceptual candor of the structural archetypal elements absolute that botheration domain. A breadth archetypal may additionally accommodate a cardinal of conceptual views, breadth anniversary appearance is pertinent to a accurate accountable breadth of the breadth or to a accurate subset of the breadth archetypal which is of absorption to a stakeholder of the breadth model.

Like entity-relationship models, breadth models can be acclimated to archetypal concepts or to archetypal absolute apple altar and events.

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